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Dec 02, 2010


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These stats above should have an * by them since you only beat four bowl eligible teams this year! Scott T will be a 3rd string quarterback at best. The stats and the offensive stats vs Austin Peay, Indiana and Northwestern(without Persa) really don't count.

You beat Iowa on poor clock management.
You beat OSU who didnt beat a TOP 25 team this year!
Michigan State pounded Wisconsin on both sides of the ball and they had three turnovers too.
Purdue you sturggled against with there Freshmen quarterback since their starter was hurt.
Indiana quarterback was hurt most of the game and didnt play.
Northwestern the best qb in the Big Ten didn't play.
ASU- enough said

Lastly, you didnt play Penn State or Illini two bowl eligible


Why don't you bend over now and get ready for your as*-pounding. No seriously, stand bent over in your living room for five weeks and we will get back with you on Jan 1. Then when you and your team have been properly serviced you can go play around with you pee-wee football pals in the Big East.

Weather looks great right now very low ccahne of moving the tournament. Seedings and schedules are final at this point.

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